It Is Time For a New Garage Door

It Is Time For a New Garage Door

Benefits of a regular garage door maintenance service

Everyone uses garage door several times in a day, but they rarely take the time to inspect and examine the performance of the door. Most of us focus on the garage door when something goes terribly wrong. All of us need to understand that our overhead door require regular maintenance and repair service. A monthly inspection will help you determine the door is performing well or not.

An overhead door offer curb appeal and also increase the resale value of your house. When you hear regular an unpleasant noise coming from the door, it means there is something wrong with the door. Listed below are some common signs to indicate if it is time for a new overhead door.

  1. The door is not opening and closing: If your door refuses to open and close, it means need to be repaired. There are plenty of reasons for such accident or incident, including broken cable, bad connection between the door and the control panel, malfunctioning opener and loosen nuts and bolts.
  2. The door opens more slowly than it used to: Before, when you open the door it open in a few seconds. But now it takes more than two or three minutes to open or close. If you notice any delay in the operation, it is a clear sign that something is wrong with the door or its parts. In such situation, call a garage door repair professional.
  3. A lot of noise coming from the door: Old garage doors create a lot of noise when operated. However, if the noise is excessive or your neighbor complaint you regarding a noisy door, there might be a problem with torsion spring. An unusual noise indicates a need for simple replacement or repair.
  4. The garage is off the track: All the overhead doors must be operated within the tracks. These tracks are placed on the side of the door. The off track is not only annoying, but also unsecured and dangerous. To fix the problem, only hire a professional. He can diagnose the problem and replace the parts if necessary.
  5. Higher utility bills: In order to improve the energy efficiency of your home, think about to change your old garage door with a new one. The new models of overhead doors are insulated and specially designed to be more energy efficient. By replacing your old, you can save lots of bucks on energy bills in the long run.

Do you notice any of these given issues affecting your door? If so, means it is a time to call a garage door repair professional in Vancouver. Our specialist determine and address the problem of your door. Contact us at the Vancouver Garage Door Service.