10 Things You Should Avoid Storing in Your Garage

10 Things You Should Avoid Storing in Your Garage

10 Things You Should Avoid Storing in Your Garage

Garage is a big and spacious property you own outside your house and gives you all the freedom to place the things you want to store there. Yes! You can store a lot of things there, but it also has some restriction to it. There are many things which, if stored in garage can be spoiled, thus incurring loss to your money. It is good to take precaution as prevention is better than cure and who knows if something can’t be cured also! So, here are some of the things which you should avoid placing in the garage :-

  • Paint

    You might be having the left over paint in your garage which is not a very good idea as the garage hosts extreme temperatures in summer and winter, which will spoil the paint. Also, it will rust faster if stored on the floor.

  • Canned food items

    It’s advisable not to store any kind of food material, especially canned products in the garage. The temperature in the garage can get too hot or cold for the food to retain its quality. Moreover, it may attract rodents which is not what you want.

  • Paper goods

    Paper goods are a home to many pest such as mice, rats and other small insects. Putting piles of paper goods in the garage store will invite these unwanted guests to build a shelter, inviting trouble for you

  • Electronic items

    All the electronic items such as DVD, CD and other stuff can get damaged in extreme hot and cold conditions. So, it’s better to keep them in the home instead.

  • Wine or Alcohol

    Placing wine and alcohol in the garage can make them expand and contract in hot and cold temperatures respectively, leading to oxidation.

  • Cardboards

    One more thing all pests would love to have in your garage is any kind of furniture. So, cardboards or any such stuff should be avoided.

  • Documents

    Any of your important documents can get damaged if you store them in garage due to moisture. Car papers or any other certificates should be avoided completely, rather kept in the home interiors safely.

  • Propane

    A propane tank can get ignited if kept in a garage, so its highly recommended to store it outside in the open area.

  • Clothes

    Why to put any of your delicate clothing in the garage ? Chances are that it will get spoiled in moisture, heat or extreme cold temperatures.

  • Photographs

    One more thing moisture can take away from you is all your memories stored in your photographs. So, better take precautions since memories are special and if lost, can’t be traced back.