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Why Garage Door Springs are Important

For the smooth opening and closing of your garage door, it is important that the garage door spring be in pristine condition. It should be working in a fine condition continuously throughout its lifetime. The garage door spring performs the tedious task of maintaining equilibrium of the weight of the entire garage door, which, in turn, ensures smooth functioning of your door. At Vancouver garage door repair, we provide high-quality springs for new door installation.

Garage door springs are synonymous to weight mechanism of the lift. It is like weights which were used to balance doors in the past. The modern day garage doors have the feature of lifting and lowering the door automatically. But without the presence of a strong and reliable spring in the entire system, the door won’t be able to perform its basic action. The entire system is based upon the contraction and expansion of these springs. A broken garage door spring may cause problems. Under such conditions, the garage door will not be able to open or close and the whole purpose of having an automatic door will be defeated.

Garage Door Spring Repair is Best Suited to Professionals

Garage door spring repair can be a very dangerous task to perform. Users expose them to potentially dangerous injuries of great severity. There is an extremely high level of torque energy and stretch stored in garage door springs. With an aim to fix garage door spring, many people have suffered serious injuries and even death. This is because of the miscalculation about the forces that play a vital role in the whole system of garage doors.

It is best to contact garage door spring repair professionals. They know the extreme pressure and force in the spring. Garage door repair Vancouver experts have the right tools and skills to repair springs.

Various Garage Door Springs

Depending upon the types of garage doors, there are a variety of garage door springs which are available and are to be implied in the door system. These garage door spring types are as under:

Torsion Springs

  • Garage door torsion spring is a common type of spring. The usual place where these springs are located in the door system is on top of the garage door. Additionally, there is a supporting rod which enables the perfect fit of the spring on top of the door.A noticeable point in these types of springs is that the spring and the rod both are highly forceful in nature. This is the reason why the person entrusted with the task of garage door torsion spring replacement in case of damage, should be extremely careful while handling the parts. One wrong move can cause fatal injuries. We would provide you with extremely knowledgeable and experienced professionals who will neatly perform the repair for you.
  • Extension Springs: The garage door extension spring is located on the tracks of the garage door. The functioning of this spring is based on the horizontal and vertical extension, while the door is in use. Only garage door parts Vancouver experts are supposed to handle the repair issues of these springs as they are prone to high force and tension.

Various parts of garage door can pose myriad problems. Professional garage doors Vancouver experts are ideally suited for the job. Trust Vancouver garage door repair professionals to undertake door repairs at economical prices.